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Iptv FAQ’s

  • Helaas hebben wij geen gratis trials meer. Dit komt doordat er veel misbruik van werd gemaakt.
  • U kunt een 24u test bestellen voor €2.
  • The boxes we recommend are the Formuler z8 pro or GTV. These boxes have the Mytvonline2 app.
  • If your box or app is working slowly, reduce your channellist. Please let us know which countries you want to receive.
  • Box/apps that often experience these issues, older MAG box / Smart iptv app / Kodi / VLC.
  • It sometimes happens that you have no image, first check whether you have any network issues and restart the router.
  • Add the login details again or restart the list.
  • Reload the portal if you don’t use m3u line.
  • If using a VPN, connect to another server from the same country and then try again.
  • If you still do not have an image after the above steps, please contact us.
  • For the best performance, we always recommend using a wired connection. If wired is not possible, use WiFi 5G.
  • It can sometimes happen that a channel freeze or get out of sync, normally this will recover automatically. We often have a backup channel available that you can use.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection, this will also reduce this problem.
  • The best apps for a smart tv are Smart stb / Duplex play / Iptv smarters.
  • Normally you will receive a reminder via the email before the expiration date. If you renew before, the new term will start after the expiration date.

We have multisubs available for all countries. Also there are country groups who have vod with subtitles from that country.

  • It can sometimes happen that a channel does not work properly, for example: in a loop / audio out or sync / wrong channel.
    Normally a channel automatically recovers in a few hours.
  • If the problem still occurs, please send us an email with the correct channel name and a short explanation of the issue. Then we’ll fix this.
  • Epg is available, on some apps you need to set this by adding the epg url.
  • With a box or app that works via a portal, you will automatically receive this.
  • That is possible, just let us know which countries you want to receive and we will adjust your list.
  • We do not recommend modifying the list via an m3u file. This is because you will not receive automatic updates.

We are one of the most reliable iptv provider, we offer a good service with alot of channels and vod and if there are any issues we will solve this asap.

We offer a fair price, we recommend our premium service for €80 a year. Pricing from other providers are around €100 a year for a premium service.